Date: 2014-01-08
Charbonnet et Walker CNY Discount
Chinese New Year is the Chinese community’s largest and most important annual festivity. 
Signifying the start of the new lunar calendar year, the Chinese community will hold celebrations and festivities for fifteen days. It is customary to bring in the New Year by purchasing new clothing and getting a new and tidy haircut. However, the reason why we celebrate Chinese New Year is far more significant – yet blatantly similar to all other cultures – than just an opportunity to receive a bit of money and wear new clothes.

Like most societies, annual festivities are based on century-old, possibly millennia-old, stories and tales. The same is the case with the Chinese community and Chinese New Year.

According to the tale, many years ago there was a little village that, on every lunar New Year ’s Eve, would be terrorized by a dragon called Nian – which translates to “Year.” However, one year the villagers found that if they adorned their village with red decorations, red attire and fired-off fire crackers in order to create loud noises, the dragon Nian would not terrorize the village. Hence, the value of the color of red to the Chinese community.