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A 100% natural candy brand since 1591. Its factory locates at the same place from the beginning in Burgundy, France.

Country Origin: France

`The finest of candies, 100% natural 

Our anise candies are white, hard and pea-size. No GMOs, artifical flavouring, coloring or artificial sweeteners: just an anise seed, sugar and natural flavoring. 

And aniseed...

Our candies are made with Anise. This plant, Pimpinella anisum, is not to be confused with fennel (a vegetable) or with star anise (Chinese anise, the fruit of an exotic tree).

Our natural flavors are extracted from plants by steam or alcohol distillation. For mint, for example, the leaves are placed in a still, and then the water is heated. The steam that is formed crosses through the leaves and is impregnated with mint essential oil. The essential oil is recovered, after passing through the gooseneck, when the conduit crosses through a bath of cold water.

To make one litre of natural orange blossom essence, a ton of orange blossoms are needed. To make one litre of natural rose essence, two tons of rose petals are needed. 



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